The Sixth International Conference On
Big Data Analytics
December 18 - 21, 2018

Organizing Institute


Accepted Papers

Full Papers

  1. Purnima Shah and Sanjay Chaudhary
    Big Data Analytics Framework for Spatial Data
  2. K.T.Sridhar, M.A.Sakkeer, Shiju Andrews and Jimson Johnson
    MPP SQL Query Optimization with RTCG
  3. Shriyansh Agrawal, Lalit Sanagavarapu and Y. Raghu Reddy
    Automated Credibility Assessment of Web Page Based on Genre
  4. Himaja D, Maruthi Padmaja T and Radha Krishna P
    Oversample Based Large Scale Support Vector Machine for Online class Imbalance
  5. Sakthi Ganesh and Asoke Talukder
    Robotic Formal Methods, Artificial Intelligence, Big-data Analytics, and Knowledge Engineering in Medical Care to Reduce the Burden of Disease
  6. Sourabh Yadav and Nonita Sharma
    Homogenous Ensemble of time-series Models for Indian Stock Market
  7. Sonu Gupta, Shelly Sachdeva, Prateek Dewan and Ponnurangam Kumaraguru
    CbI: Improving Credibility of User-Generated Content on Facebook
  8. Amrit Pal and Manish Kumar
    Applying Big Data Intelligence for Real Time Machine Fault Prediction
  9. Sanket Mishra, Mohit Jain, B Siva Nagasasank and Chittaranjan Hota
    An ingestion based analytics framework for Complex Event Processing Engine in Internet of Things
  10. Ashish Patel, Satyendra Singh Chouhan and Rajdeep Niyogi
    Using Crowd Sourced Data for Music Mood Classification
  11. Rao Casturi and Rajshekhar Sunderraman
    Distributed Mortgage Factor Aggregation Calculation Framework on Cloud Computing Environment
  12. Keshab Nath
    A Parallel Approach to Detect Communities in Evolving Networks

Short Papers

  1. Vaibhav Pandey and Poonam Saini
    An Energy-Efficient Greedy MapReduce Scheduler for Heterogeneous Hadoop YARN Cluster
  2. Narinder Punn and Sonali Agarwal
    Testing Concept Drift Detection Technique on Data Stream
  3. Rashmi Priya and Dharavath Ramesh
    Adaboost.RT based Soil N-P-K Prediction Model for Soil and Crop Specific Data: A Predictive Modelling Approach
  4. Shivani Batra, Shelly Sachdeva, Aayushi Bansal and Suyash Bansal
    Modeling Sparse and Evolving Data
  5. Pulkit Mehndiratta, Mohit Gupta, Ayushi Asthana and Nishant Joshi
    Improving Time Series Forecasting Using Mathematical and Deep Learning Models
  6. Mohit Agarwal
    PRISMO Priority Based Spam detection using multi objective optimization

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